sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

Everyone lies.. So do I

Still happens. Sometimes. It´s not usual but it does when I´m not waitting it. I dream in English and a lot of things related to The US come out to my mind like deep secrets that I have and I can´t share because nobody would understand. When I wake up, it´s like coming from somewhere far away but close tied. Then I start my normal life knowing I better don´t say too loud I miss so many things.
There are two characters on tv that say everyone lies. Dexter and doc House have that in common... and that they appear in Cuatro, a Spaniard channel. I agree with them. Nobody knows what´s inside us besides us. We all hide our secrets deep. As dark is our secret, as deep we hide it... and now it´s time for me to take them out.
I´m going to try not to keep away my secrets, you might not like them, but it makes no sense not to tell the truth when time is not all we have. So get ready. Don´t laugh too much. Reality is always worse than pictures of people.

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gonzalomosquito dijo...

You know how much i understand YOU!!!
Let it all out,everybody has secrets but people who love you know what you are really made of... and there is nothing dark in there or at least not any darker than what's inside of me. And if you need to share with someone,you know where to find me.
You can always count on me my brother.
I can't wait tot read your book.
I love you.
Gonzalo Crespo Sanchez

Afuña dijo...

Thanks, bro. I know you know how I feel. It´s good to see you are close to me even if we don´t have the chance to stay together too much. I know i can count on you. We all have dark sides, but mine is getting bigger and bigger... and is getting hard to keep it far from the light. Maybe I just need son vacations.
Anyway, Viva Estepa