martes, 29 de julio de 2008


It might be because my first novel came out after years waiting; I could say is a matter of time that I just find my way out of a small mess; maybe be I just need some days off after a hard season, but I feel empty.
It looks to me I have nothing else to say, It´s been days with no words coming out of my mouth.. or my pen... or computer. I work on it but no issue is interesting to me. And is in those moments when I start to think I have said everything I had.
I guess it´s normal after seeing your book on libraries but it´s scary. The fear of a white sheet. Writers know. Painters too.
I hope I find my way soon. Meanwhile, let me tell you how I feel. It´s the only thing I can do. Maybe It´s just too hot to concentrate. 

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

¿Qué te pasa? Te veo mal

gonzalomosquito dijo...

It's hard to keep up with the expectations,i know. Too much preasure ,what will they think, i wanna do something good,something special.
There is nothing wrong in having no inspiration,don't worry about it,as usual you are just asking too much of yourself. Take a few days off,relax,get laid.
Take CARE of yourself please and if you need to talk,give a ring.ANYTIME.