miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2007

The Picture

I´d love to be a photograph to stay in the Past. To keep an image where we are seen happy forever.
Then I would remain in that instant the entire eternity, sured of having you by my side, melted by your smile wich helped me to improve myself long time ago.
Time wouldn´t pass at all. Stopped in that moment, nothing bad could happen to me further than that paper wich my Universe would become.
I´d love to keep you there. Happy of being by my side. Looking at me with those eyes, amazed. Pixel by pixel. Like no other has done before and after. Always by my side. In a 10x 15 four sides World. I swear I don´t need more.

2 comentarios:

little nose dijo...

I remember when I was trying take a picture to you, you did not like it and it was so important for me ... it was the way that keep to you close to me

afunya dijo...

My pictures is the only way I can have you by my side. That´s the only thing it counts right now. i cant change the past, only have a better future.